I got the Vornado 160 fan for $24.99 at Target because I needed a fan to cool my hot room during the summer. I also got the Vornado 660 for $80 the very next day when my local Best Buy restocked and I must say the 660 is going back to the store as it does not fit my needs.

Unfortunately my detailed review of these two items was lost which is very unfortunately so here is a summary of the highlights of the review:

Vornado 160:

  1. This fan is great if you want to use it on your desk or on the floor at close proximity as it provides an ample amount of breeze if you point it directly at you.
  2. The lowest setting is very quiet and produces enough air for me, if you use the high setting it is significantly louder but is reasonable.
  3. When I put the fan about 6 feet away from me, I can still feel the breeze on the lowest setting. On the high setting I can feel it blowing quite hard.
  4. The fan is smaller than you think it is, it is very small. I keep it on the floor and point it up towards my desk and it produces the same amount of air on the low setting as my chillout fan.
  5. The fan is rated at 120V and 0.4A which is higher than the Honeywell HT-900 at 120V and 0.3A, lower than the 660 at 120V and 0.5A and also the chillout at 120V and 0.7A. It is not the most energy efficient, but it works well for me.
  6. I like this fan because not only does it circulate air in a limited region, but I can actually feel the breeze blowing at me which is nice during the summer time.
  7. There is a knob on the back of the device which is kind of hard to reach where you can rotate it to change between the settings. I wish it were push button like the 660.
  8. The fan looks exactly like the 660 except for that it does not have the push buttons and is much smaller.
  9. It also comes with  a 5 year warranty which is quite nice.
  10. It does not feel cheap, but I did find the rubber feet and other parts coming off, so I am unsure about the quality, if it will last for more than a few years.

Vornado 660:

  1. I was originally going to get this model of the fan due to all the hype for it I saw around the internet and unfortunately at first, it was out of stock everywhere but came into stock a day after I got the 160, I ordered one for $80 and I am going to return it after using it.,
  2. When the 660 is on the first 2 settings, it is quite quiet however I did notice a clicking sound on the fan that I had, not sure what is going on there but it is indeed quiet, as you move into the higher settings, it gets louder and louder.
  3. I was not impressed at the two lowest settings, I was unable to feel any breeze when I had the fan set 6 feet away using these settings. I had to turn it to level 3-4 in order to feel something, however it makes the fan really loud which isn’t always going to work.
  4. It does circulate the air in the room, however it wasn’t perfect as although you “feel” the air at the sides of the device a little bit, there was no frontal circulation on the lowest settings when I was testing it.
  5. The build quality is pretty good, it is pretty stable and looks nice, once again I am not sure why it was making clicking noises. It is significantly larger than the 160.
  6. It uses 120V at 0.5A which is pretty good for a larger fan like this one, but I really can’t see myself using this fan all the time as I don’t feel anything. It doesn’t have a remote nor a timer which is kind of unfortunate.
  7. The reason why I am going to return this device is that even with all the hype, I don’t find it worth $80 for a fan which barely produces a direct breeze when a similar produce which I purchased for $25 does.
  8. It doesn’t work well for me in my situation. It may work better in a more open space, but for now, I don’t see the 660 working for me.


In the end, the Vornado 660 does not live up to its hype. I was disappointed with its performance on its lowest settings. I highly recommend the Vornado 160 if you are living in an apartment and just need a fan for your room as it works very well for a room in close proximity.