I went out and bought the Vicks V4500 FilterFree Humidifier since I needed a humidifier and went home and used it and it wasn’t that great. I found it loud and I could not sleep with it on. It did a great job at humidifying the room but it wasn’t that great at noise. I know that it’s just a humidifier but it doesn’t really work if it makes me not able to sleep. So I went to walmart.com and bought the Crane Dragon humidifier for kids and I got it today after a week and a half from Walmart site to store an I got home and it’s GREAT. It’s very quiet and it humidifies the room. I bought the $30 dragon one because it looked nice, I saw the frog one on amazon for $25.45 with free shipping but I ended up getting the dragon for $32.45 since Walmart is easier to return for me than Amazon. Although the Vicks is filterless, the Crane one is also filterless and has an optional filter if you want it.