After having some success with the Ring Pro video doorbell, I decided to try out the Ring Video Floodlight instead of having to drill holes throughout my house to install some PoE cameras as having a single camera that can cover my whole front yard acceptably is good enough if it saves me some time of having to drill holes and run wire and running a PC 24/7 with Blue Iris installed on it provided that the motion detection is decent. If you are willing to deal with a few details then this flood light isn’t that bad at all as it can cover a lot of area around the house at a reasonable cost.

The floodlight is great for whole house coverage when coupled with a Ring Pro doorbell. An example would be to have the Ring Floodlight on top of your garage which will cover basically 80% of your front yard and driveway, the Ring Pro doorbell to cover the front door and garden area and another floodlight in the back yard to cover 80% of the back yard. Of course with this type if setup will only show the details of what is going on and not the details like a person’s face from farther than about 6 feet. If you are looking to see distinct details then I would reccomend going with PoE cameras with at least a 3MP sensor (requires extra wiring and drilling holes).

I purchased two flood lights, one for the front of my house and one for the back of my house and I must say that it works good in the day time, but it does not work that well at night and I feel like that product is not ready for prime time. Although the Ring floodlight has worked fine for me so far, I feel that it is not a finished product due to these reasons:

  • The video is clearly not 1080p, it is very choppy and pixelated at times even though the connection is very good (the router is located right above the camera, the video is very smooth but the quality is not very sharp at all) I am not sure why it is being advertised as 1080p when then video quality is not the same when compared to my Ring Pro which is very clear.
  • The infrared lights are very weak, it only illuminates less than 8 feet while at night in front of my driveway, the street and other areas to the side is pitch black.
  • It only has a 2.4GHz WiFi connection, this product is newer than the Ring Pro, I am unsure why it does not have an upgraded radio.
  • Motion at night does not work at all, only if the light comes on the motion starts working.
  • Quality of the connections is weak, very hard to make sensor stay stable in a location

When I had purchased this, I thought that the video quality would be similar to the Ring Pro since it stated that it was 1080p, but after I installed it, I discovered that the video quality is not that good at all. I don’t know how to describe it as it is very smooth with it it occasionally being choppy but the quality is just not sharp enough. I can clearly see the person walking in the video, but it is not able to focus on the persons face so their face is kind of blurry and pixelated even though they are standing within a distance of the camera where it should be quite clear. I think the cameras seem to have a focusing problem as it is not able to focus on particular details that come into frame. I hope they release a firmware update to improve the video quality to be similar to the Ring Pro so that it is much sharper and clearer which makes it easier to see a person’s face. The field of view on this floodlight is great as it is able to cover 80% of my yard and driveway when mounted above my garage.

The infrared lights are very weak, I expected that it would be similar to the Ring Pro where it would illuminate everything including the street when they turn on, but no, the infrared lights only cover about 6-8 feet in front of the floodlight and so you can only see directly below it and nothing else. Only when the lights turn on are you able to see more, if the lights are off, the street and everything else around the 6-8 feet distance is black and kind of useless at night. Of course this could be the way I angled the camera, but even after moving the cameras up higher, I found that the infrared lights are still very weak, I would have expected that the lights illuminate and show much more in the video. I hope they somehow fix the floodlight so that at least 25-30 feet is illuminated by the infrared lights so that everything around is visible instead of only the portion below the floodlight.

I can’t believe that this product came out after the Ring Pro and only has 2.4GHz WiFi, I am not sure why Ring decided to do this as the 5GHz has really helped on my Ring Pro as the video quality on the 5GHz band was MUCH better than when it was on the 2.4GHz band. The video was much smoother and more responsive when on the 5GHz band whereas sometimes it would be choppy and have bad quality when on the 2.4GHz band. I am guessing they chose 2.4GHz since it penetrates walls better and these units are usually outside in remote locations. I believe that using the 2.4GHz band on the floodlight may be contributing to the terrible 1080p quality that I am receiving, but I wouldn’t know as it might just be a firmware problem.

Motion detection does not work at all at night unless the object moves right in front of the light where the infrared lights are pointed or if the light turns on. In the day time it works great as it records every person that walks by and all cars that drive by without a problem similar to the Ring Pro doorbell with the customization in the motion zones. I did notice that in the day time that it is sometimes late in starting the recording so instead of seeing the front of the car, sometimes it only catches the back of the car. At night, when cars pass by, nothing is recorded at all, I rarely ever get motion recordings or alerts at night even when cars pass by as the floodlight is not able to detect them. I really hope Ring fixes the night recording as it is basically a brick that doesn’t record motion or function at night unless there is motion right in front of the camera or if the light is triggered by motion.

The lights on the device are very sensitive from motion, I could walk by the light from the side and it will activate, the only downside is that is hard to position the sensor so that it points in a certain location since the sensor is attached to the camera on the floodlight so if you move the sensor, it will change the view of the camera which is unfortunate, it would be nice it were separate. The lights are a warm color, what you would see from a regular halogen light bulb, it is not the daylight color or the white or blueish light that you see from the newer led lamps which is nice. The finish scratches and gets dirty really easily, I would recommend you handle it carefully.

I have not used it long enough to see how it handles during warm and wet weather, as I use it more I will update this post with my findings.

The first motion-activated HD security camera with built-in floodlights, two-way talk and a siren alarm. With Floodlight Cam, you can monitor your home in HD video, shine the lights on your blindspots and sound the alarm on suspicious activity – all from your phone or tablet.

Ring Floodlight Camera Pros

  • Lens is wide angle so it is able to cover 80% of my yard with a single Floodlight camera
  • Lights are bright enough to illuminate about 75% of my yard at night
  • Features are great especially being able to talk to and communicate using my phone to people who are near the floodlight (such as telling someone who is in the front yard working to come inside for food without having to go outside)
  • I like that I am able to turn on the light from the app so that I am able to turn it on and see what is going on outside without having to go to the switch
  • Easy to install, follow the directions and it takes 20-30 minutes, make sure to close main power
  • Looks great outside, the camera is discreet

Ring Floodlight Cons

  • 1080p video quality is not sharp, not able to focus on faces
  • 2.4GHz WiFi only, no 5Ghz (5GHz seems to produce better video on my Ring Pro)
  • Floodlight does not work at night, motion is only detected in front or when light turns on (does not record street or cars)
  • Infrared lights are not strong enough, only illuminates in a small circle in front
  • Sensor is attached to camera, not able to adjust them independently
  • Floodlight gets dirty easily, material scuffs easily

In the end, I would only recommend this product if you are willing to deal with some of the small issues that I mentioned in this post such as the poor video quality and weak infrared lights.  All in all, the floodlight works fine for my purpose so far, I will need to use them for a longer period of time to see if I run into any problems and if I would keep it or go for something like actually drilling holes and installing 3MP cameras or something like the Nest camera which seems to have pretty good video quality.