After I had upgraded to the Ring Pro from the original Ring, it worked fine for a day and then the next day it went “offline” and I had to hard restart it by going to the breaker and shutting off the switch for around 5 minutes and then flipping it back on and then it would start turning on and reconnect to my network. I didn’t have to remove the cover and reset it as it seemed to reconnect after losing power for around 5 minutes without a problem (I did remove the cover to reconnect it to the WiFi the first couple of times that this happened). Basically after going offline the second day that I got the Ring Pro, it started to go offline every single morning for the next two weeks that I owned the device which was quite annoying as the doorbell itself worked perfectly. The motion detection worked perfectly and the recordings were crisp and clear but having to reset it every morning at the breaker because it was going offline was becoming a problem as it was becoming inconvenient having to hard reboot it every morning.

There was nothing online of anyone experiencing this problem but there were reviews on Amazon and on Reddit with users having the same problem so I decided to do some troubleshooting to see what I could do to resolve the issue as I would love to keep the doorbell since the Ring Pro works great and very nicely, but the only thing is that I have to reset it every morning and that is kind of annoying to have to do so I tried my hardest to fix the issue myself without having to go to another product.

I chatted with Ring support the first time, they claimed that it was my network that was having some interference which was causing the device to go offline which was odd since I have the Orbi system which provides the device with excellent coverage and I never had interference with the original Ring that I had so it was odd, so I ordered a Pro Power cable from Ring and an Chime Pro to see if it resolve the issue so that the Ring only connects to the Chime Pro and nothing else to try to eliminate the interference.

So after that initial contact, I tried out several things to see if I could resolve the issue that I found online (basically almost every single theory out there, none of them worked):


I put the device on its own routing network to see if it was the Orbi Mesh system that was causing it to go offline every morning. I had tried it first by putting the device on an isolated 5GHz band on a wireless access point to see if it resolved the issue and once again the next day, the device went offline in the morning. So I thought maybe the 5GHz was causing the device to have problems so it put the device on its own 2.4GHz network and allowed it to go overnight and I found that it was also not the issue as it still went offline in the morning. In addition, I found that the 5GHz band provides better quality video, the video is much sharper and crisp on the 5GHz than on the 2.4GHz where it was choppy and laggy and so I decided to stick with the 5GHz band and try something else as it clearly wasn’t the network (my network speed is fast enough).


I saw an article that recommended that one upgrade from 16V to 24V to resolve any Ring Pro issues, so I decided to try that by spending some extra money to get an upgraded transformer. I’ll have you note that I had already upgraded from a 10V transformer to a 16V transformer when I upgraded to the Ring Pro so this time I had to purchase another transformer to upgrade it from 16V to 24V and after installing it and of course, it didn’t work at all, the Ring Pro still went offline or crashed every morning at around the same time even with the upgraded transformer.

I checked the power at the doorbell and at the transformer itself, both were reading the same voltage so it couldn’t of been that the device wasn’t getting enough power  so I decided to try something else and left the 24V transformer there since I had already installed it. I later put it back down to 16V since I found that there was no point of putting it at 24V if you have a good working unit.

Changing the cover:

I monitored the device every morning and I noticed that it started to go offline every time that the sun was shining right on it at around 7-8AM as it worked fine in the time periods prior. It seems like the device was overheating or something like that and I was using the brown cover which might have been absorbing the light causing it to overheat and so I decided to switch it to a silver cover to “reflect” the sun light to make the device “cooler” since it might have been crashing or overheating due to the warmer weather that I was experiencing. Of course, the silver cover didn’t work as the next day, the temperatures hit about 105F which caused it to shut off during the middle of the day. I thought the temperature rating was 120F so it was odd of how it went “offline” during the middle of the day. So switching the cover from Brown to Silver didn’t resolve the issue of it going offline every morning.

Chime Pro/Pro Power Cable:

After 1.5 weeks, it finally came the day that the Pro Power cable and Chime Pro was scheduled to come and resolve all my issues, nope, I decided to install the Chime Pro and the Pro Power cable the next morning and basically the Ring Pro became unresponsive and basically didn’t turn on at all even with the hard rest, after spending 2-3 hours trying to figure it out, I got it on and connected it to the Chime Pro and Pro Power cable (make sure to change the setting in the app to “no doorbell”) and it seemed to be working, but I did notice that the quality of the video while on the 2.4GHz Chime Pro was not as good as on my 5GHz Orbi and so I let that sit overnight praying that it resolved my issues and once again it did not.

The next day, the Ring Pro died, it had the symptoms that it showed the previous day but this time it would not respond at all nor would it turn on even though I had hard reset it. I checked my power and I was still getting power at the doorbell so my transformer was still working. I looked online and saw some people who had this issue had it resolved after getting a new unit from Ring, and so I decided to try to get a new one since the one I had completely died and was not responsive at all. I really don’t know what happened but it just died after going offline every morning on me right after I got the Chime Pro and Pro Power cable.

Trying to get a Replacement:

I had tried to get a replacement since I saw that it resolved the issue for people who had the same issue with it going offline every morning and so I contacted Ring support and unfortunately they were not helpful at getting me a replacement as they seemed to have kept blaming it on my setup, either it was a problem with my network where I was getting too much interference causing it go to offline or it was my wiring was wrong which was causing my doorbell to shut off for some reason. Basically it seems like the representatives were unwilling to replace the device even though I had opened up a ticket every single day with my issue with it going offline. So instead of waiting for Ring to send me a replacement, I decided to just go back to the store that I purchased it at for a replacement.

Here are some of the stuff Ring requires for a replacement

  • Speed test
  • Check transformer cabling  to make sure it is connected
  • A picture of the setup of your chime
  • A picture of the Ring Pro on the wall with its wires
  • A picture of the transformer
  • Screenshot of network test
  • Picture of the Power Kit installed to the Chime

Basically it was way too much work to try to get a replacement from Ring, I am wondering if I subscribe to the Protect service if I will have that much issue trying to get a replacement with the Lifetime warranty, but who knows. I went to the store to get a replacement and basically I decided to look through the boxes and chose one with a different starting MAC address (my original one had a MAC address that started with “E0”) I chose a different starting MAC address as it might be from a different batch and so I wanted to get a Ring Pro from a different batch than the one that I originally purchased to see if it was just a defective batch or if it was actually something in my house.

Turns out choosing a different starting MAC address other than “E0” seems to have resolved my issue for now.

If you are having the Ring Pro go offline every morning, I suggest you replace the device as it may be defective.

Replacing the device seemed to have resolved the issue of it going offline every morning for me so far as the Ring Pro seems to have been online for 48 hour so far. Of course, the weather has cooled down these past few days and so I hope it still stays on when the weather warms up again. I will update my post once the weather starts becoming warmer again and I pray that it stays online in the morning even with the warmer weather. My current configuration is the Silver cover on the 16V lead of the transformer and it seems to be working so far.

I had originally thought that it was the 1.4.30 firmware, but it might have just been that the previous device was defective as with the new device, it upgraded itself from 1.3.xx to 1.4.30 and re-joined my wireless connection after without a problem unlike the previous one which would stay offline (I did have a panic moment with the new one once it upgraded and briefly had a greyed out live view and it didn’t join the network, but luckily it re-joined the network within the next few minutes).

So after trying out almost all the options to see what was wrong with the device, I found that actually replacing the device resolved the issue so far. Of course, the device may have been overheating, but there hasn’t been any warm weather after I replaced the device so that I can see if that was what was causing it to go offline, but like I mentioned, once the warmer weather returns, I will monitor the new device to see if it goes offline with the warmer weather.

A few hours prior to going out to get a replacement, I found a representative who was willing to replace my Ring Pro if I wasn’t able to exchange it. Funny thing is that a request for a replacement was generated even though I hadn’t requested for it, hopefully it is on hold as I will need to contact them to get the replacement request cancelled as I was able to replace it myself from the store.

In the end, I would highly recommend if you are having issues with the device going offline every morning to get a replacement as it might help. Try to get a different batch of devices if possible. I am interested to see if other people who are having this issue have devices with the MAC address starting with “E0”. I might have tried other things, but I can’t remember as I have spent over 30 hours trying to get this thing to work properly. I really hope when the heat returns that it doesn’t start acting up again as I really love the Ring Pro and would like to keep it long term.

If you have any questions leave a comment and I will see if I can help out.