So my Chime Pro’s were working fine with no issues on my Orbi network until May 2018 when there was a new Firmware Update for the Chime Pro which made them go offline and stop working for some reason. If you want to see the solution, scroll to the bottom, the next two paragraphs give some but not all the details of what I tried and the symptoms.

After getting the Chime Pro’s replaced and troubleshooting for several hours with Ring, I gave up and moved to a Nest Hello since I was unable to get my Chime Pro’s working again and I was spending too much time trying to get them to work again. I was still determined to get the Chime Pro working again so that I can hear the motion alerts as I moved my Ring Pro to another door.

It was odd how the Chime Pro was working fine on an older firmware but once the new firmware was pushed to my Chime Pro it just goes offline and states “Chime Pro is connected to your WiFi but could not connect to the internet.” or something similar. I tried several things with the Chime Pro’s and hard resetting it made it roll back to the older firmware which worked good but after about an hour it would decide to update itself and brick itself again and I had no clue what happened so eventually Ring decided to replace the devices, once I got the new devices they exhibited the same issues and so I determined that it was a firmware issue. For some reason the Chime Pro connected fine on my Mobile Hotspot when I tried it but was not connecting to my Netgear Orbi network, it wouldn’t even connect to my Modem/Router combo which had a separate wireless SSID.. I could go on with all the things I’ve tried but I basically worked with Ring Support on trying every possible thing from unplugging, removing everything etc.. eventually they just stopped responding because they could not figure out what was going on.

I was finally able to resolve the issue today after 7 months of waiting and periodically trying it out again to see if the firmware had updated but again, it was not working and was only working on the hotspot. I did some research online and decided to try to put my TP-Link CR700 into bridge mode to see if that would resolve the issue as the Chime Pro didn’t even work on the wireless SSID which was broadcast from the CR700, upon putting the CR700 modem/router into bridge mode and rebooting the Orbi system, boom the Chime Pro’s connected to the Orbi network without any issue. I am guessing for some reason the double NAT from the CR700 router mode and the Orbi router mode were conflicting with something with Ring’s Firmware and so by putting the CR700 into bridge mode (so that it only acts as a modem and not a router) it bypassed the CR700 router features which may have caused the Chime Pro not to work.

All to resolve the “Chime Pro is connected to your Wifi but could not connect to the internet”, I switched my TP-Link CR700 from Router mode to Bridge mode and it then connected to the internet fine when connect to my Orbi network…

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I can describe in more detail or try to help out.