I am not quite a fan of Lion yet as I use the preview function quite often to view photos and PDFs and screenshots. This morning I had to leave a slideshow of some image on for some guests that came to my house, and I put the photos in full screen and put it on the slideshow mode. The images are pixelated, which when I viewed them in Snow Leopard they were full screen sized and not pixelated at all. I would really wish they would fixed the pixelation issue as it doesn’t seem any higher quality to me but overall of a lower quality. Next thing on the list is that the slide sow does not loop, it just goes through the images once and I have to click “play” to start it over again. It would be nice if it looped like in Snow Leopard and I am able to use the arrow buttons to scroll in a loop back and forth. If anyone has a fix to this please let me know, I will update this post with more bugs I can find in this new operating system.