I recently upgraded from the regular Ring doorbell (not the new version 2, I had the 720p version) which I purchased at a great price from Walmart for $99 to the Ring Pro Video Doorbell which was well worth the doubled cost at $199. Unlike the regular Ring where I only had issues with the motion, the Ring Pro’s motion detection was fantastic and the image quality was superb but the one I initially had issues where it was going offline every morning for no apparent reason, I was able to exchange the unit in store which seems to have resolved the problems so far. One thing to note is that the temperatures haven’t been as warm after I installed the replacement so I will update the post if it starts going offline once the heat returns.

Why did I upgrade from the Ring to the Ring Pro?

The main reason why I upgraded from the Ring to the Ring Pro is because the motion detection on the Ring was terrible as I would keep getting motion alerts of cars driving non-stop instead of any alerts about people walking by. The Ring only seemed to detect large objects moving and not smaller objects like people and other things. Other than the annoyance of motion alerts when cars pass by and how hard it was to properly configure the motion sensitivity the final straw came during a week when I had several package deliveries.

The original Ring only activated and recorded the person leaving my front door after dropping off the package and so it only recorded the person’s back and not their face which is useless. This happened on several occasions and due to the delayed recording, I decided to upgrade to the Ring Pro. The sensitivity settings are so hard to configure on the original Ring that the only way to catch a person dropping off a package is if the original Ring captures the delivery truck stopping in front of your house. Of course, if they stop in front of your house, you have to hope that they step out of the truck within the 1 minute recording limit or else it will stop recording and once again only catch them leaving.

Due to the weak motion detection on the original Ring, I would not recommend it and would recommend the Ring Pro doorbell if you are able to hard wire it as the Ring Pro actually seems to have a few seconds of buffer which starts the recording a few seconds prior to the motion being detected whereas the Ring starts recording only if it “detects” motion. I saw a Youtube video of a reviewer who did a review on these doorbells along with the SkyBell HD and that video is a good example of what I am trying to describe. The motion on the Ring Pro actually works really good since it has custom motion detection zones, I rarely ever get motion alerts for large trucks and other things which I don’t have in the motion zones and all the recordings from the Ring Pro actually show the person approaching the door and clearly shows their face.

Original Ring Doorbell Pros

  • Has internal battery so it retains settings even if power goes out.
  • Works with older and smaller transformers
  • Button feels more solid
  • Sound is louder and slightly better
  • Larger field of view
  • Cheaper
  • Seems to work good under hot weather

Original Ring Doorbell Cons

  • Motion detection doesn’t work correctly and is hard to configure
  • 720p video makes things harder to make out
  • Doesn’t record a few seconds before detecting motion
  • Size is large and has a mount
  • Has black ring around videos
  • Limited night vision
  • Video choppy at times depending on network connectivity
  • Connects to only 2.4GHz WiFi
  • Only a single color
  • Requires drilling 4 holes in the wall

Ring Pro Pros

  • Motion detection works almost perfectly
  • Records a few seconds prior to detecting motion
  • 5GHz WiFI which really makes a difference in the quality of the video
  • Smaller size
  • Changeable faceplates
  • Requires 2 holes in the wall
  • Custom motion zones
  • 1080p with less black borders

Ring Pro Cons

  • Had quality issues with initial unit
  • Seems to overheat and go offline
  • Requires transformer upgrade to 16V
  • Smaller so it does not fit over previous install (requires mounting plate to cover holes)
  • Audio is choppy and unclear at times
  • Does not auto reconnect to WiFi if internet connection or power briefly goes out (requires hard reset by shutting off the breaker)
  • Does not maintain connection to a single access point, switches periodically

In the end, I really wouldn’t really recommend the original Ring Doorbell if you are able to hard wire the doorbell in due to its flaky motion detection and inaccurate motion detection. As long as you get a good unit I would highly recommend the Ring Pro as it provides great motion detection and video quality as long as you are using the 5GHz WiFi bands (I found that on the 2.4GHz connection the Ring Pro did not have smooth video and audio whereas if I put it on the 5GHz band, the video and audio quality is super smooth). Spend the extra money and get the Ring Pro as it is the superior product. Of course, for both of these products, make sure you have a good WiFi connection or else the results will be somewhat poor in terms of motion detection and video and audio quality.

This is not a sponsored post as I purchased both of these products myself.