This item works great with almost everything I have tried. It charges my iPhone, iPad and other items such as my TI-NSPIRE CX CAS graphing calculator pretty fast. The item also works very good with the New Trent Powerpak 10.0 10000mAh Pocket Friendly Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack for Smartphones and Tablets and more which I got along with the charger, it charges the backup battery at a good rate and doesn’t take too long. So far, this charger has worked with every item that I have tried and have had no compatibility problems with it at all. I would have to say that this charger charges my devices at a rate which is somewhat faster than the chargers that were supplied with the phone. Although I do not have recorded statistics, it seems that it did charge my devices faster. I also like how the prongs are foldable which save space. When compared to an iPad charger, the size is similar except this provides two charging ports whereas the ipad charger only comes with one. I do feel that the charger is a bit big, but I guess that has to be the size in order to include two ports. The charger has a solid feel and hopefully has solid build quality.

This is the perfect tool for me as I always only have enough plugs to charge one device at a time, but now with this device with two ports, I can charge my iPad and iPhone at the same time thus having access to both of them the next day as currently I only charge my phone and not my iPad so one has lower battery. The only thing I wish is that it showed which port corresponded to what charging mode it is on, I believe that there is a slower/regular charging mode and a fast mode for bigger items. I also noticed that the back of the is shiny whereas the body is matte, it would have been nice if all of it was matte. Finally I found that it does take up quite alot of room on the wall plug and when plugged into my surge protector, it can take up two slots depending on the plug.

I do know that chargers get hot when charging, but I found that this one does indeed get quite hot when in use especially when charging multiple items. I will be on the lookout to make sure the temperature of the thing isn’t too crazy. The price is good, except I feel that if it were cheaper a few dollars, it would be a best hit right away. Unfortunately it seems that my unit did not come with any instructions so I was quite puzzled of which usb port did what but this is the plug that I will use on trips and more.

I will add more as I use this charger, hopefully it will last!

New Trent NT90C 10W 5V/2A Dual USB Ports high-speed AC Wall Charger for Smartphones, 5V Tablets and more.