Finally, after 7 weeks into my programming course I decided to try to install my MATLAB student version on my desktop of which I use to do all my work including compose my homework. I had known that the student version allowed two computers but I never bothered tried it after installing it on my laptop. After suffering through 7 weeks of using MATLAB through a VNC client from my laptop to desktop I was able to install it on my desktop with no problem. I should have tried it after my initial installation on my laptop but never did. If I had installed it on my desktop, I would have had a much smoother integration and saved a lot of time.


So if you are wondering if you are able to install MATLAB student on 2 computers, yes you can only install it on TWO personal computers of which you own. This is as of the 2014a version, and I cannot guarantee that it will remain the same in future version, but had I not tried it, I would have never known and taken advantage of the extra installation allowed.

Seriously wish I had installed it on both computers to begin with.