sc0rch1ng on the geek hack forum provided a working solution to the numpad not turning on while using your quick fire storm tk keyboard on a mac. Unfortunately he did not provide instructions on how to do this, thus I am writing a tutorial after it took me a free minutes to figure it out. You need to download an app called Controller Mate and create a program as such below.

You will find the the pallets here:

The first button is found in the very bottom on the controllers section in the palette
The gate and the toggle are found in the logic section.
The final component is found in the top of the controllers section in the palette for the keyboard, in the same place where the first button is located.

You can link each section by clicking on the OFF and dragging it into the next OFF. I made this image below, it is not the same image that the original poster posted.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 7.33.41 PM