I am going to teach you how to hack gold for Kairosoft’s game Beastie bay which is a free game on the Android market.  Many people have not been able to get it to work just by editing it but I have found the solution.

I used a nexus 7, but please note your device MUST BE ROOTED to use these hacks.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the game from the play store and start a game and play it for about 10 minutes until you unlock Pumpkin Products. Once you built him a house he will sell and buy items from you.
  2. Next, save the game and go download GameGuardian, (google it for the download) it’s a cheatengine sort of tool.
  3. Install it (make sure you are able to install third party applications (unknown sources) is checked in your settings and reopen Beastie Bay with the GameGuardian running on your Android device.
  4. Put your device into airplane mode (from what I have tried, this only works when not connected to the internet)
  5. Make sure you have about 5-7 of one item, if not just purchase some cheap item from Pumpkin.
  6. Open the store where you sell items and go to “Sell” then go into GameGuardian and search for the number for example 5, then go back into the game and sell one of the items and then search again for the number, this time it should be 4 since you started with 5 minutes and sold 1. Now you should have one or two addresses on the results list, save both of them and edit the number to be like 50 or something and go back into the game and you will have 50 of that item.
  7. Next, for the money hack, you do a very similar method, first you search your money, so if I had 60 gold I would search “60” and then make sure you are in the shop’s sell window and sell one of the items that you just hacked, your gold should have went up, go back and search for the new number and repeat it until you have 2-3 values, save those values.
  8. Now you edit the money for example to “60000” the next crucial part is to CHECK the box to the right of the addresses to “freeze” them and once you have done that, go back into the game and sell another one of those items and you will see that your money will go to the amount you edited.


I am not responsible if you screw up. This works on the latest version. I wrote this guide assuming you know how to use GameGuardian.