I actually bought the Flip Mino HD from Costco today for around $160 without tax. I went to my local Costco at first and looked for the item but I could not find it until I finally look up and I saw the 4GB 60 minute first generation one. It was for $130, I was originally going to purchase that one but I say that this second generation one has 120 minutes and 8GB, for only $30 more than I rather get this one. After looking and not finding it, I saw a couple who was also looking for it and they asked some guy to look it up and they found some at another Costco about 30 miles away. So I drove there, and found it. At first I picked up a flip thinking it was a 8GB model but it was actually a 4GB “Chrome” edition, I really wanted the chrome one.. But there wasn’t a 8GB since all the ones that Costco had were 8GB brushed metal. If there was a 8GB Chrome I would have totally got it. That 4GB chrome was the only one left and it’s still there, I don’t know why it was mixed. The only thing that is weird about the newer generation is that it doesn’t have composite cables like the previous generation, it now has an HDMI port. I went home used it and the quality was great, I accidentally deleted the video files from the drive and it kept saying 1 hour and 59 minutes and I wanted my 2 hours, so I unhid all the files and deleted the other files that were wasting my time. I don’t recommending deleting video files from the computer, delete them on the flip or on the program flipshare. I was going to get the creative vado HD 2nd generation,for $100 but the voice quality was too bad so I decided to get this. Now, I won’t have to carry around any of my bulky camcorders (cannon HD and sony) I can just have this, and it records good video unlike my camera, plus its highly portable.

Anyways I can’t wait for the iOS 4 tomorrow. I was going to get an iPhone 4G but since I got this camera, I am going to stay with my 3GS.

I have way more to say about the camera but I will post more about it later as I have work to do.