I will give a quick review about the lead which I purchased at Daiso Japan for $1.50. I personally think that it is a good deal because when you purchase 90 pieces from big box stores, it costs around $4-5 or more whereas at Daiso, you get 100 pieces for $1.50. Yes, it is indeed a good deal, except my problem with the lead is that with certain pencils, it tends to break every centimeter or so. It depends on the pencil I use, if I use my Pentel P205 with a metal lead mechanical part, which gips hard, then the lead keeps breaking, but with a plastic mechanism it won’t break. But here is a general overview of the lead.

Name Brand Lead

  • More expensive (quite expensive)
  • Does not break easily when writing
  • Writes quite smooth

Daiso Lead

  • Cheap, more pieces per package
  • Tends to break ALOT, especially with higher end pencils
  • Writes equally as smooth as the name brand lead.


In the end, I choose the Daiso lead over the name brand because it writes equally as smooth and it is much cheaper so I can afford for it to break a lot. Think about it, if I pay $4 for 90 pieces of lead, at Daiso, I can get about 300 pieces which even if it breaks and I loose some pieces, it still is worth it as I use the pencil a lot.


I do understand that lead breaking is inconvenient during exams, but Daiso lead hasn’t failed me during tests, only occasionally breaking. But I do carry an extra pencil with name brand lead incase the Daiso lead fails on me.


Daiso Lead*It comes with 2 cases of lead, I took one out, thus one is pictured.