If you have come here to see which speaker is better, the Bose Mini Soundlink or the Anker Cube Speaker, I will save you some time and tell you straight up which one will suit you the best. If you have the money, without a doubt, purchase the Bose. It is one of the best sound bluetooth speakers out there currently and so far I have not found one which I liked more. (I have heard the UE Boom, but still I prefer the Bose) However, if money is tight, the Anker speaker is the way to go, as not only does it have a long battery life, but the sound is actually not that bad at all, better than my iMac speakers. I would say that the Anker sounds much better than the Jawbone Jambox and the BEM HL2022B cube speaker.

However, if you don’t care about price, and just the sound, I will tell you that the Bose is very crisp and clear with lots of bass, whereas the Anker can get much louder than the Bose but lacks bass.

Now, to move on to the review.

Today I will be reviewing two bluetooth speakers of which I will use Amazon as a reference.



Looks/Portability/Size/Battery Life



The Bose speaker looks very sleek and elegant it doesn’t look cheap at all. The colors of the speaker are different shades of grey and instead of being plastic like most bluetooth speakers, it contains metal on the outside which I love because it matches my iMac perfectly on my grey desk, it somewhat blends in. I wouldn’t say that the Bose speaker is that portable as it is actually quite heavy in my opinion at 1.5 pounds and I wouldn’t really want to take such an expensive everywhere and either get it scratched up or stolen. Bose does make cases for the speaker, except they are not worth it. The size of the Bose is good, except I wish it were a little bit smaller so that it would not take up as much desk room. I would also say that the dock that Bose provides is somewhat useless as the charging port for the speaker is just right above the dock. Also the Bose does not have a usb charging port so if you forget the charger, then basically you are not able to charge it. Finally I find the battery life not to be as good as I thought it would be, although I am getting around the 7 hours that is shown, I frequently find myself needing to plug the speaker in even though I use it on low to medium volumes. The good thing about the Bose is that it has a rechargeable battery that is replaceable which means that the speaker may last quite a long time.


I have to say, for the money, this speaker is great! The looks of the speaker is similar to the BEM cube speaker I mentioned above except it looks quite well. The outside looks very sleek and modern the only part that does not look good is the bottom of the device, but who looks at that. The speaker comes with a single LED and charging ports and on and off buttons on the side of the speaker along with volume controls on the front. This device is not heavy like the Bose as it is made of a matte plastic material and due to the price I feel comfortable bringing it around with me in the included carrying bag. The size of the speaker is great, it is half the length of the Bose and a little bit higher which easily fits in a smaller corner of my desk. As far as battery life goes, the Anker claims to get 20 hours of battery life, which may be true due to the massive rechargeable battery pack it contains, but I have yet to use it continuously for that long, so as I use it I will update this post. I am not sure if the battery is replaceable but it comes with an 18 month warranty and for the price, it is easier to obtain a replacement.





The sound on the Bose is superb, it is on par to my 2:1 and 5:1 speaker systems which I have at home. I love how the Bose outputs a crisp sound with no cracking along with very good bass. For me, I like speakers which have high Treble and high Bass and the Bose is right in the middle and is perfect for the type of music which I listen to. The Bose has been my primarily speaker for many months after I purchased it, I replaced my 2:1 with the Bose as this little thing outputs better and more sound then two speakers with a bass unit. This speaker has given me no distortion at all no matter what type of song or volume levels. The Bose pairs with all my devices fine and quickly, although I had some problems with crackling in OSX, updating the OS seemed to have fixed the problem. The Bose is not as loud as some of the other bluetooth speakers out there in the market, but it is loud enough for me, I wouldn’t want to put this up on full blast as I am pretty sure everyone around me will be able to hear what I am listening to. Finally, the biggest problem with the Bose is that it lacks many features which can be incorporated but weren’t, such as speakerphone, App to control volume such as the UE Boom and more, and usb charging which I mentioned above. But other then that, this is a solid speaker for the money.


The sound on the Anker is just a step below the Bose, but then again it is still quite good for the price and size. Unlike other similar small speakers that I have tested at Costco, such as the Jawbone and BEM speaker, the Anker does not crackle at high volumes and high bass, but instead reduces the bass level so that the sound that is coming out is clear. Unfortunately this speaker lacks bass, it sounds great playing songs without any bass but once a song with bass comes on, it sounds just like the song without bass, the quality of the music is the same just no bass. This speaker like the Bose, does not vibrate or move around my table with bass. This speaker is LOUD, I mean LOUD, when it is turned up all the way it is perfectly clear and there is no distortion at all which I am super impressed with. It is incredible how such a small device outputs such a big sound, I mean it is even loude then the Bose without any  I found that placing this speaker where the output is facing me produces a better sound then putting it so that it is sitting upright. This speaker is great when it comes to usability and features, it has some of the missing features of the Bose. The Anker speaker contains a speaker phone and USB charging which were missing from the Bose. I have tested the speakerphone and have found that it works perfectly with my iPhone 5s, the person on the other line is able to hear my clearly and the sound coming from the speaker is extremely clear when talking on the phone. I like how I can go from listening to music to using the speaker to answer my phone calls without being disrupted and having to grab my phone like I do with the Bose. The speaker also contains a usb port which I can plug into any computer or charger which will charge the speaker up. Once again this speaker is missing some features of the UE Boom, such as a mobile app, and since these speakers are so small, I wish it had the feature of the UE Boom where two of them can be paired up together and be used as a set instead of just a single speaker. Oh yeah, just to note, Siri works perfectly hands free with this speaker.

Overall, the Bose gives a room filling stereo sound, whereas the Anker gives a great sound for a confined space around you. (I believe the Anker sounds like a mono speaker) When I put the Bose up against my ears, it sounds super high quality and like I am wearing headphones whereas in the Anker although everything is clear, I do not hear some of the details of the song like I do in the Bose.





The price is the Bose at $199.99 is quite high, but I believe that it is worth the money as your ears will thank you. Well, I think it is a good sounding speaker, someone else might not think so but the speaker has around 1,600 reviews all mostly 5 stars. I think the Bose is a good investment as even though it is expensive initially, unlike other speakers the battery is replaceable and the sound is good so most likely the speaker will not have to be replaced for a while. The price of the Bose almost never goes down, the only way to get a discounted price is to use credit card cash back or gift card deals.


The price of the Anker is $36 with a coupon right now, and sometimes even lower such as $30 with coupon so look out for that as this speaker is exceptional for the price. I would highly recommend this speaker if you are looking at several bluetooth speakers within this price range. It’s better then the $40 iHome sound dock which I purchased a few years ago and much smaller too. This product, like the Bose, is worth every penny that is spent. I mean the play time is incredible, I have yet to find a similar sized speaker with the same battery life.




Bose Pros:

  • Very good sound
  • Good Looking
  • Durable
  • Lots of Bass
  • Able to change battery
  • and some more . . .

Bose Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Lacks many features
  • No speakerphone
  • No usb charging
  • 1 year warranty

Anker Pros:

  • Great price
  • Loud
  • 18 month warranty
  • Great support
  • Clear sound at high volumes
  • Small and portable
  • Looks great
  • USB Charging
  • Speakerphone
  • Superb battery life

Anker Cons:

  • Made of Plastic
  • Lacks Bass
  • Mono sound?
  • No AC adapter


Overall Ratings



  • 4.88 out of 5


  • 4.68 out of 5


The ratings above were based on price and value for money, and not a cumulative review of all aspects such as portability, feature and sound. If there are any questions, please leave a comment and I will try to answer the questions as soon as possible.


*Please note that I received the Anker speaker as a review product from the manufacture and everything above is based off my own opinion and was not in any way affected by outside sources. I was not required to give a positive review.