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Taking DriversEd Before Paying

Have you just turned 15 1/2? And you are ready to get your permit but want to take the drivers ed course before paying for it? Then I have a solution for you, DriversEdDirect. This website lets you take the whole course before paying. Here is how it works, you register and take the whole course then when you get to the final test to get your paperwork, you have to pay to take the test and get the paperwork, it is fun and simple. They even interactive games and diagrams, and unlimited practice tests which are almost the same as the real test. Right now you can get $10 off your registration by using the promo code: promo628 I have posted a review of the site, it is in my archives. If you are curious, I received 44/45 on the permit test, I only missed one question by a careless reading mistake. Use my promo code promo628 to get a special...

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Pepsi Throwback, Mountain Dew Throwback and Dr. Pepper Made with Real Sugar

Today, I went hunting for the limited time sodas, Pepsi Throwback, Mountain Dew Throwback and Dr. Pepper Made with Real Sugar. I went to several places and I could not find it at all until I finally went to K-Mart. I looked and I finally found the throwbacks, there were 3 Pepsi and 2 Mountain Dew, then I was wondering if there was any other soda made with real sugar; my favorite soda is Dr. Pepper and I wondered if there was any, and looked to my right and there it was two Dr. Pepper real sugars. I picked up the Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper. I will post more about how they taste soon. The Throwback line is a brand of soft drink sold by PepsiCo in the United States for its flagship Pepsi and Mountain Dew brands. The drinks are named as such because they are flavored with natural sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, which soft drink companies used to replace sugar in the 1980s. In addition, these drinks use retro...

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iWave Bamboo iPhone 3G and 3GS Case Review

I saw this case today and I had been looking for a bamboo case for quite a long time. I picked it up and once I got home, I examined it. First, I noticed the box looked really similar to the incase slider box same back and front cover. I then read it and it said it was scratch resistant which was good. So, I decided to take it out and try to put it in my iPhone. When I took it out, the case was so thick, there was no protection at the bottom but it was quite heavy. It has great interior protection as the inside was lined with more than in inch in width and the whole body length of protection. I slid it on, and it didn’t mess up my screen protector this time and it covers the chrome just barely. I had trouble putting on the bottom since I didn’t want to scratch my phone, I pushed it in since there was protective railing and the phone was quite bulky. The bamboo seems to hold up very good. I decided the phone was too bulky and decided to take it off. Just like the Skull Candy case, the bottom was stuck and eventually I got it out. Then the top slider part was stuck, I tried my other method and it didn’t work since...

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Skull Candy Protective Hard-Shell Case Review

I needed a new iPhone case to replace my Clear Air Jacket which has cracked after more than 6 months of use. One day I came across a case that looked pretty good, a blue skull candy skull hard case, it looked like a incase slider so I thought I would pick it up and see how it is. I did and today I tried it and it wasn’t all that good. The sides extend too much onto the iPhone and it messedup my screen protector. Now my screen protector also by powersupport has a little bit where it isn’t sticking to the screen. I really don’t recommend¬†this case if you have a screen protector on. Now if you don’t have a screen protector this might be a good case. I haven’t really used it for long but I am pretty sure that the paint will come off after long use. The case looks exactly like an incase slider except the inside protective railings and the sides. Overall I will use my new incase sider rather than this case since the iPhone 3GS has a fragile screen that will eventually wear out and needs a screen protector to protect it. Another thing about this case is that since it extends out too much and it’s on a screen protector it’s super hard to remove. It took me 15 minutes...

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Flip Mino HD

I actually bought the Flip Mino HD from Costco today for around $160 without tax. I went to my local Costco at first and looked for the item but I could not find it until I finally look up and I saw the 4GB 60 minute first generation one. It was for $130, I was originally going to purchase that one but I say that this second generation one has 120 minutes and 8GB, for only $30 more than I rather get this one. After looking and not finding it, I saw a couple who was also looking for it and they asked some guy to look it up and they found some at another Costco about 30 miles away. So I drove there, and found it. At first I picked up a flip thinking it was a 8GB model but it was actually a 4GB “Chrome” edition, I really wanted the chrome one.. But there wasn’t a 8GB since all the ones that Costco had were 8GB brushed metal. If there was a 8GB Chrome I would have totally got it. That 4GB chrome was the only one left and it’s still there, I don’t know why it was mixed. The only thing that is weird about the newer generation is that it doesn’t have composite cables like the previous generation, it now has an HDMI port. I...

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