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Author: DC Reviews

DriversEdDirect Discount for my users!

Have you just turned 15 1/2? And you are ready to get your permit but want to take the drivers ed course before paying for it? Then I have a solution for you, DriversEdDirect. This website lets you take the whole course before...

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OSX Lion Preview.App Problems

I am not quite a fan of Lion yet as I use the preview function quite often to view photos and PDFs and screenshots. This morning I had to leave a slideshow of some image on for some guests that came to my house, and I put the...

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Physics Balloon Car Project

When I first got this project, I didn’t really know what to do about it until I thought about it. We had to go 10+ meters for an A+ and just 5  meters for a C passing grade. And the car had to be a certain size width and...

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