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Author: DC Reviews

How to Hack Gold and Items In Kairosoft’s Beastie Bay

I am going to teach you how to hack gold for Kairosoft’s game Beastie bay which is a free game on the Android market.  Many people have not been able to get it to work just by editing it but I have found the solution. I used a nexus 7, but please note your device MUST BE ROOTED to use these hacks. Here are the steps: Download the game from the play store and start a game and play it for about 10 minutes until you unlock Pumpkin Products. Once you built him a house he will sell and buy items from you. Next, save the game and go download GameGuardian, (google it for the download) it’s a cheatengine sort of tool. Install it (make sure you are able to install third party applications (unknown sources) is checked in your settings and reopen Beastie Bay with the GameGuardian running on your Android device. Put your device into airplane mode (from what I have tried, this only works when not connected to the internet) Make sure you have about 5-7 of one item, if not just purchase some cheap item from Pumpkin. Open the store where you sell items and go to “Sell” then go into GameGuardian and search for the number for example 5, then go back into the game and sell one of the items and then search...

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DriversEdDirect Discount for my users!

Have you just turned 15 1/2? And you are ready to get your permit but want to take the drivers ed course before paying for it? Then I have a solution for you, DriversEdDirect. This website lets you take the whole course before paying. Here is how it works, you register and take the whole course then when you get to the final test to get your paperwork, you have to pay to take the test and get the paperwork, it is fun and simple. They even interactive games and diagrams, and unlimited practice tests which are almost the same as the real test. Right now you can get $10 off your registration by using the promo code: promo628 I have posted a review of the site, it is in my archives. If you are curious, I received 44/45 on the permit test, I only missed one question by a careless reading mistake. Use my promo code promo628 to get a special...

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OSX Lion Preview.App Problems

I am not quite a fan of Lion yet as I use the preview function quite often to view photos and PDFs and screenshots. This morning I had to leave a slideshow of some image on for some guests that came to my house, and I put the photos in full screen and put it on the slideshow mode. The images are pixelated, which when I viewed them in Snow Leopard they were full screen sized and not pixelated at all. I would really wish they would fixed the pixelation issue as it doesn’t seem any higher quality to me but overall of a lower quality. Next thing on the list is that the slide sow does not loop, it just goes through the images once and I have to click “play” to start it over again. It would be nice if it looped like in Snow Leopard and I am able to use the arrow buttons to scroll in a loop back and forth. If anyone has a fix to this please let me know, I will update this post with more bugs I can find in this new operating...

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Pawn Stars the Game Price List – Cheat [OCT. 2] – UPDATED REGULARLY!

MY SITE IS BACK! WILL UPDATE! 8/20/12 I will need to update the list with the change log that I have.   We now have a new EASY URL to this page! put it in your bookmarks, the URL is easy to type and access!  (WILL UPDATE ASAP, CURRENTLY REALLY BUSY WITH SCHOOL WORK AND SICKNESS SO I AM UNABLE TO UPDATE. ~NOV 7 2011) I have compiled a list of all the items and their prices and how long they took to sell for Pawn Stars the Game. I could not find a stable and updated source so I decided to make my own, I did however use some resources from various websites for the prices I have not recorded myself. I will try to keep this updated as much as possible, please let me know if I am missing anything or if there are any mistakes. This is a great way to “cheat” on the game as you know what to buy and sell for. If you want to put this on your site, please ask me before doing so as I would like a link back to my site. Use Ctrl + F and type in the item name to find the item. (For Mac use ⌘ + F) K = $1000  (18K = 18,000) Name of Item Price  Time to Sell $1000 Bill 5000 ©DC.VG...

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Physics Balloon Car Project

When I first got this project, I didn’t really know what to do about it until I thought about it. We had to go 10+ meters for an A+ and just 5  meters for a C passing grade. And the car had to be a certain size width and length. The products I used are the perfect size for the project.  I didn’t know what to do as most people already had a group because I was absent that day, so I gathered 2 people and built the project myself.  I needed to make the car aerodynamic and make sure that the wheels move smoothly and have as little friction as possible. After spending a day or two brainstorming, I finally figured out the best materials for my project. Unfortunately I do not have a video of the car running, but I can assure you it ran really smooth and fast. Just a heads up, there are cars that are lighter, this design for a car is on the heavy side, it was one of the heaviest but one that went almost went the farthest. Here are the materials you need: 2 Straws from Starbucks or McDonalds (Get more incase you mess up) 1 Stick from Homedepot or Orchard that fits inside the straw just right. (Make sure the sticks can glide around inside the straws and there is...

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