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Merkury Innovations M-UVM110 Smartphone Air Vent Mount Review

This item is good when it works but sometimes it doesn’t work correctly. Sometimes the back clips will not stay on the vent so it moves around when driving. But the most important problem for me is that sometimes during hot weather, the clip does not hold so it automatically comes apart so my phone isn’t secured as it clicks while I drive and gets loose. I guess that is the quality for the build. The build quality is decent, it is just the securing part which is a bit...

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Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review

This thing is GREAT! I first tried it out in the store and was amazed of the sound quality and the bass that it produces. Although I have checked out the UE Boom, I would say the Bose Soundlink Mini is the winner as the UE Boom’s shape is weird for me as I feel like if I put it on a table that I would knock it over. I like the mini over the Boom because it has more bass. I have also purchased a Bose Soundlink (the larger one) and I would have to say that the sound quality on this one is much better than on that one and thus far this hasn’t made the crackling or popping noises that the Soundlink has. I highly recommend this...

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New Trent NT90C Charger Review

This item works great with almost everything I have tried. It charges my iPhone, iPad and other items such as my TI-NSPIRE CX CAS graphing calculator pretty fast. The item also works very good with the New Trent Powerpak 10.0 10000mAh Pocket Friendly Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack for Smartphones and Tablets and more which I got along with the charger, it charges the backup battery at a good rate and doesn’t take too long. So far, this charger has worked with every item that I have tried and have had no compatibility problems with it at all. I would have to say that this charger charges my devices at a rate which is somewhat faster than the chargers that were supplied with the phone. Although I do not have recorded statistics, it seems that it did charge my devices faster. I also like how the prongs are foldable which save space. When compared to an iPad charger, the size is similar except this provides two charging ports whereas the ipad charger only comes with one. I do feel that the charger is a bit big, but I guess that has to be the size in order to include two ports. The charger has a solid feel and hopefully has solid build quality. This is the perfect tool for me as I always only have enough...

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Rearth Ringke Fusion iPhone 5/5S Dark Gray

Rearth has come out with a dark gray color to go along with the black and mint color of their fusion cases. I would love to get a gray one except there is no prime shipping from Amazon so I decided I will go for the black color for my new iPhone 5S when I get it. Today is...

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How to Hack Gold and Items In Kairosoft’s Beastie Bay

I am going to teach you how to hack gold for Kairosoft’s game Beastie bay which is a free game on the Android market. ¬†Many people have not been able to get it to work just by editing it but I have found the solution. I used a nexus 7, but please note your device MUST BE ROOTED to use these hacks. Here are the steps: Download the game from the play store and start a game and play it for about 10 minutes until you unlock Pumpkin Products. Once you built him a house he will sell and buy items from you. Next, save the game and go download GameGuardian, (google it for the download) it’s a cheatengine sort of tool. Install it (make sure you are able to install third party applications (unknown sources) is checked in your settings and reopen Beastie Bay with the GameGuardian running on your Android device. Put your device into airplane mode (from what I have tried, this only works when not connected to the internet) Make sure you have about 5-7 of one item, if not just purchase some cheap item from Pumpkin. Open the store where you sell items and go to “Sell” then go into GameGuardian and search for the number for example 5, then go back into the game and sell one of the items and then search...

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