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How to Make the Numpad work for the Coolermaster Quickfire Storm TK Keyboard on a Mac OSX

sc0rch1ng on the geek hack forum provided a working solution to the numpad not turning on while using your quick fire storm tk keyboard on a mac. Unfortunately he did not provide instructions on how to do this, thus I am writing a tutorial after it took me a free minutes to figure it out. You need to download an app called Controller Mate and create a program as such below. You will find the the pallets here: The first button is found in the very bottom on the controllers section in the palette The gate and the toggle are found in the logic section. The final component is found in the top of the controllers section in the palette for the keyboard, in the same place where the first button is located. You can link each section by clicking on the OFF and dragging it into the next OFF. I made this image below, it is not the same image that the original poster...

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Daiso Japan Mechanical Pencil Lead Review (0.5mm)

I will give a quick review about the lead which I purchased at Daiso Japan for $1.50. I personally think that it is a good deal because when you purchase 90 pieces from big box stores, it costs around $4-5 or more whereas at Daiso, you get 100 pieces for $1.50. Yes, it is indeed a good deal, except my problem with the lead is that with certain pencils, it tends to break every centimeter or so. It depends on the pencil I use, if I use my Pentel P205 with a metal lead mechanical part, which gips hard, then the lead keeps breaking, but with a plastic mechanism it won’t break. But here is a general overview of the lead. Name Brand Lead More expensive (quite expensive) Does not break easily when writing Writes quite smooth Daiso Lead Cheap, more pieces per package Tends to break ALOT, especially with higher end pencils Writes equally as smooth as the name brand lead.   In the end, I choose the Daiso lead over the name brand because it writes equally as smooth and it is much cheaper so I can afford for it to break a lot. Think about it, if I pay $4 for 90 pieces of lead, at Daiso, I can get about 300 pieces which even if it breaks and I loose some pieces, it still is...

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uNu Enerpak Flexi Portable USB Battery Pack with Integrated Charging Cable Review

When I first received this, I loved the look of it and loved that it was matte which means that it is non slip which is great! But then I found that it is a fingerprint magnet which somewhat sucks but can be cleaned. First impression of the box, I noticed that on the back, that the cable was connected directly to an iPhone 5S and it says it is a battery pack for iPhones iPods etc, so I thought the cable that is included is a cable which is a lightning cable according to the image, but then I looked at it again and found out that the cable is hooked up to a uNu case which has microUSB. DECEPTIVE! I opened the item and found that the instructions were too basic, some things I wanted to know were not on there, like how to take the cable apart. I then opened the battery and looked at it and BOY IS IT NICE! the look and design are BRILLIANT! the cable within the battery pack is genius! Only thing is that the cable is TOO SHORT! I will explain further. The battery pad not heavy and basically gives a good charge, at a medium rate, not fast not too slow, and it does not get too hot which charging or discharging which is good. I will list the...

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Bose Soundlink Mini Popping Crackling Bluetooth FIX MAC OSX

I was on OSX Mountain Lion and I encountered the crackling noises on my new bluetooth speaker, and today after upgrading to OSX Mavericks, the popping and crackling noise seems to be gone. If you have cracking or popping noises with your bluetooth speaker such as the Bose Soundlink Mini and you are using OSX on a mac, try upgrading for free to OSX Mavericks as it seems to have solved my problem. 10-22-13   EDIT 9-28-14 I have noticed that the cracking returns in OSX Yosemite, I am am trying to figure out a fix. I have had no crackling on OSX Mavericks, but am having lots of crackling in...

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New Trent Powerpak 10.0 10000mAh NT100H Review

This is my first BIG battery pack and I love it! I will first start out with the negatives. When I first looked at the picture of this thing, I loved the size and thought that it would be thin and light weight, but I was wrong, this thing is pretty heavy way heavier than I expected. I thought I would be able to carry this around in my pocket comfortably but unfortunately even though the size is good, the weight is just too heavy in my pocket, but I guess that is how it is for a large battery pack like this. When I first tried plugging in the included cord to charge, I found it really difficult to put the mini usb port into the battery pack, the input area was TOO TIGHT! I had to force it in. I was afraid I was going to break the cord because it was so hard to push in. So basically I think the design of the charging port (mini usb) needs work because it takes way too much strength just to get the cord in so that I can charge this battery pack with the wall charger which I purchased separately. So if you have trouble pushing the charging cord into the battery pack, make sure it is the correct way and give it a hard push in...

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