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Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TK O-Ring Mod Amount Cherry MX Blue

I finally decided to install O rings on my cherry mx blue cooler master quick fire TK mechanical keyboard with cherry mx blue switches to lower the sound due to bottoming out. For all those wondering how many O-Rings to buy, you need exactly 100 rings for the quickfire TK, no more no less, the perfect 100. A hundred O-Rings costs about $1.87 on amazon for a pack of 100. I thought that 100 would not be enough, but turns out 100 was the perfect amount to install on every single key including the ones which require 3. I used a credit card to remove my keys since I did not have my key puller on me. I pulled the keys, put the ring on and put the key back and pushed down hard to make the ring go down. All in all it only took about 30 minutes to do and it reduces the noise of the keyboard significantly. This is the one I purchased from amazon. 008 Buna-N O-Ring, 70A Durometer, Black, 3/16″ ID, 5/16″ OD, 1/16″ Width (Pack of 100) ASIN: B000FMWLR8 008 Buna-N O-Ring, 70A Durometer, Black, 3/16″ ID, 5/16″ OD, 1/16″ Width (Pack of...

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Paypal Here Scratch Off Code Redemption Problems

I was having trouble with my Paypal Here codes as I was scratching them off too hard and thus smearing the residue which was on top of the scratch off code. It seemed like I was unable to redeem it since I scratched it off too hard. But, I was able to remove the residue and finally reveal the hidden code and redeem the product. Here is what you have to do if your code is unreadable because you scratched too hard or have a hard time reading the redemption code since it is a gray color. Take some hand sanitizer and smear it on top of the scratch off section, and a reaction should take place which will remove all the film on top of the code and should make the area clear and the code easily...

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Battle of the iPad Air Keyboard Cases: New Trent Airbender 2.0 (NT30B) and Anker TC930 Ultra-Thin Keyboard Cover

Today I am going to review both the New Trent Airbender 2.0 full body keyboard case and the Anker Ultra-Thin Keyboard. Although they are not of the same type, as one is just a keyboard attachment and the other is a full blow protective case, they are somewhat similar, it depends on how you use it. Products Reviewed New Trent Airbender 2.0 – New iPad Air Wireless Bluetooth Clamshell Keyboard Anker® Ultra-Thin Keyboard Case   Gallery/Images Price The New Trent case right now is going for $70 on Amazon, but sometimes there are coupons which are released which bring it down to about $40 which is an awesome deal for this protective keyboard case. The price matches pretty well for the case as it is super protective and includes a back cover along with a very nice keyboard. The Anker case usually goes for about $36 but sometimes with a coupon, it can bring it down to about $20, but unfortunately due to this case being a new release, there has not been a coupon for it yet. The price is perfect because it enables you to have some money left to purchase a back cover which does not come with this keyboard case. I had to go purchase a TPU soft case which was compatible with the smart cover just to attach to the back of this...

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Bose Mini Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker vs Anker Cube Bluetooth Speaker MP141

If you have come here to see which speaker is better, the Bose Mini Soundlink or the Anker Cube Speaker, I will save you some time and tell you straight up which one will suit you the best. If you have the money, without a doubt, purchase the Bose. It is one of the best sound bluetooth speakers out there currently and so far I have not found one which I liked more. (I have heard the UE Boom, but still I prefer the Bose) However, if money is tight, the Anker speaker is the way to go, as not only does it have a long battery life, but the sound is actually not that bad at all, better than my iMac speakers. I would say that the Anker sounds much better than the Jawbone Jambox and the BEM HL2022B cube speaker. However, if you don’t care about price, and just the sound, I will tell you that the Bose is very crisp and clear with lots of bass, whereas the Anker can get much louder than the Bose but lacks bass. Now, to move on to the review. Today I will be reviewing two bluetooth speakers of which I will use Amazon as a reference. Anker® Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with Super-Sized 4W Driver & up to 20 Hours of Playtime  – $36 Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker ...

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How to Make the Numpad work for the Coolermaster Quickfire Storm TK Keyboard on a Mac OSX

sc0rch1ng on the geek hack forum provided a working solution to the numpad not turning on while using your quick fire storm tk keyboard on a mac. Unfortunately he did not provide instructions on how to do this, thus I am writing a tutorial after it took me a free minutes to figure it out. You need to download an app called Controller Mate and create a program as such below. You will find the the pallets here: The first button is found in the very bottom on the controllers section in the palette The gate and the toggle are found in the logic section. The final component is found in the top of the controllers section in the palette for the keyboard, in the same place where the first button is located. You can link each section by clicking on the OFF and dragging it into the next OFF. I made this image below, it is not the same image that the original poster...

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