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Ring Chime Pro is Connected to WiFi but Could Not Connect to the Internet (Netgear Orbi and TP-Link CR700)

So my Chime Pro’s were working fine with no issues on my Orbi network until May 2018 when there was a new Firmware Update for the Chime Pro which made them go offline and stop working for some reason. If you want to see the solution, scroll to the bottom, the next two paragraphs give some but not all the details of what I tried and the symptoms. After getting the Chime Pro’s replaced and troubleshooting for several hours with Ring, I gave up and moved to a Nest Hello since I was unable to get my Chime Pro’s working again and I was spending too much time trying to get them to work again. I was still determined to get the Chime Pro working again so that I can hear the motion alerts as I moved my Ring Pro to another door. It was odd how the Chime Pro was working fine on an older firmware but once the new firmware was pushed to my Chime Pro it just goes offline and states “Chime Pro is connected to your WiFi but could not connect to the internet.” or something similar. I tried several things with the Chime Pro’s and hard resetting it made it roll back to the older firmware which worked good but after about an hour it would decide to update itself and brick itself again...

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Anker KARAPAX Breeze Case for iPhone 7 Plus Review

I’ve always have and like to use a clear case on my iPhone as it shows off the natural color of my iPhone in addition to not being as bulky. I was given the chance by Anker to review the Anker KARAPAX Breeze case for my Matte Black iPhone 7 Plus which is a nice change of course since I had been using a clear case that just started to yellow after a year. After using this case for the last 2 weeks, I think I will keep it on my iPhone 7 Plus as it looks great and provides adequate protection. I do plan on getting an iPhone X and already have a clear case lined up for it, maybe if there was a clear version of this case I would consider it. Enough about the upcoming iPhone X, let’s get on to the review. The case is thick, it does make your phone feel thicker. I would say it makes my phone feel like almost double as thick and slightly more heavy. I do notice that it is larger when using it with one hand. The case covers the curved edges of the phone in addition to some of the bezels so it provides good protection around. The case is actually 3 pieces, you can peel off the bumper piece and then it becomes much more flexible...

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Ring Pro Video Doorbell Goes Offline Every Morning

After I had upgraded to the Ring Pro from the original Ring, it worked fine for a day and then the next day it went “offline” and I had to hard restart it by going to the breaker and shutting off the switch for around 5 minutes and then flipping it back on and then it would start turning on and reconnect to my network. I didn’t have to remove the cover and reset it as it seemed to reconnect after losing power for around 5 minutes without a problem (I did remove the cover to reconnect it to the WiFi the first couple of times that this happened). Basically after going offline the second day that I got the Ring Pro, it started to go offline every single morning for the next two weeks that I owned the device which was quite annoying as the doorbell itself worked perfectly. The motion detection worked perfectly and the recordings were crisp and clear but having to reset it every morning at the breaker because it was going offline was becoming a problem as it was becoming inconvenient having to hard reboot it every morning. There was nothing online of anyone experiencing this problem but there were reviews on Amazon and on Reddit with users having the same problem so I decided to do some troubleshooting to see what I could...

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Ring Video Floodlight Review

After having some success with the Ring Pro video doorbell, I decided to try out the Ring Video Floodlight instead of having to drill holes throughout my house to install some PoE cameras as having a single camera that can cover my whole front yard acceptably is good enough if it saves me some time of having to drill holes and run wire and running a PC 24/7 with Blue Iris installed on it provided that the motion detection is decent. If you are willing to deal with a few details then this flood light isn’t that bad at all as it can cover a lot of area around the house at a reasonable cost. The floodlight is great for whole house coverage when coupled with a Ring Pro doorbell. An example would be to have the Ring Floodlight on top of your garage which will cover basically 80% of your front yard and driveway, the Ring Pro doorbell to cover the front door and garden area and another floodlight in the back yard to cover 80% of the back yard. Of course with this type if setup will only show the details of what is going on and not the details like a person’s face from farther than about 6 feet. If you are looking to see distinct details then I would reccomend going with PoE cameras with...

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Original Ring Video Doorbell vs Ring Pro Video Doorbell

I recently upgraded from the regular Ring doorbell (not the new version 2, I had the 720p version) which I purchased at a great price from Walmart for $99 to the Ring Pro Video Doorbell which was well worth the doubled cost at $199. Unlike the regular Ring where I only had issues with the motion, the Ring Pro’s motion detection was fantastic and the image quality was superb but the one I initially had issues where it was going offline every morning for no apparent reason, I was able to exchange the unit in store which seems to have resolved the problems so far. One thing to note is that the temperatures haven’t been as warm after I installed the replacement so I will update the post if it starts going offline once the heat returns. Why did I upgrade from the Ring to the Ring Pro? The main reason why I upgraded from the Ring to the Ring Pro is because the motion detection on the Ring was terrible as I would keep getting motion alerts of cars driving non-stop instead of any alerts about people walking by. The Ring only seemed to detect large objects moving and not smaller objects like people and other things. Other than the annoyance of motion alerts when cars pass by and how hard it was to properly configure the motion...

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